Leggings are one of the best bottoms for working out, and they're also stylish enough to be worn as casual wear, too. They match well with knee-length dresses, and they are also worn by women when working out and doing yoga as they make it easy to move your legs.

It can be a difficult task to find out what size of leggings will fit you correctly. The first question that comes to your mind when you go online shopping is ‘what leggings size am I?’ especially if you can’t try them on in person to check.


Buying the Right Leggings

Many stores offer a size chart that tells you the necessary measurements of the leggings in their collection which makes it easier to buy the right size. For example, on every MOTEEPI product page, there is a size chart that lists various body measurements according to each size.

Since leggings are stretchable, it's recommended that you buy the exact size that you measure. You should know the exact size of your hips, inseam, and waist. Then check out the size chart for the size that corresponds to your measurements.

How to measure your hips?

When measuring your hips, make sure that you stand with both your feet together with no gap between them. Grab the measuring tape and place it between the widest part of your hips.

How to measure your inseam?

To measure the inseam, you will have to use a pair of bottoms that fit you well. It is best to use a pair of pants as they will give the most accurate reading. Lay them on a flat surface and measure from the crotch inseam to the feet.

How to measure your waist?

To measure your waist, stand straight and wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Record the number on the tape where the wrapped part of the tape meets the remaining length of the tape.

Types of Leggings

Once you have the answer to the question ‘what leggings size am I?’, you might wonder which type of leggings will you find most comfortable. Read below to find out about common legging styles.

1.Compression Leggings

These types of leggings are most suited to wear during workout sessions. They are not only comfortable to wear for exercising but they also go well with sports bras. Furthermore, they are said to reduce muscle recovery time making them essential sportswear.

2.Mid-calf Length Leggings

Unlike the compression leggings, these do not go down to your ankles. Instead, they are more like capri pants which reach down to your calves. They go well with t-shirts and tank tops like the usual capri pants. Also, they come in various prints so you have many options to choose from when buying this style.

3.Ankle-length Leggings

This popular style simply reaches down to your ankles. These leggings can also give a formal touch if worn with a formal top. They also come in many colors.

Now that you know what your leggings size is, and about the different types of leggings, we invite you to check out some of our most popular styles! And, don't forget if you need assistance to send us a DM on Instagram or email service@moteepi.com