Golf Fashion Dos and Donts for the Next Time You Hit the Links

Every sport you consider playing has its own set uniform, or attire that has become quite particular to the sport, while the dilemma attached to what one should wear while golfing is as old as the sport itself. The common prototype of a “golfer” is the dated look of a polo shirt and slacks in either boring, basic colors or prints that are anything but exciting. We firmly believe that female golfers can very much be stylish, comfortable and athletic while wearing appropriate golf attire. Athletes in other sports have begun to use fashion as a form of expression, which in some cases garners as much attention on the courts as any of their athletic prowess. For example, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, celebrated tennis player, wears bright, splashy colors and thick black eyeliner, quite the sight to behold when she’s within the muted blues, greys, navies, blacks and whites of her tennis-playing counterparts.

Moteepi offers a comfortable, and fashion-savvy range of golf clothing for women that fits perfectly into your everyday wardrobe as well. Designed specifically for a woman’s active lifestyle on and off the course.

The Guide to Golf Tops

There are some things to keep in mind when selecting tops to wear for the golf course. The first is to wear preferably collared, polo-style shirts. The material of the shirt you choose is instrumental to your success on the course, so only select cotton, polyester-blend, or microfiber shirts to absorb sweat and keep you cool and well-aired. These can be whatever color you’d like, and whatever style you’d think would be the most flattering and the most comfortable. If you’re confused as to what’s a fashion “yes” in the golf market, check our tops out here.MOTEEPI Womens Golf Shirt Long Sleeve.Premium Quality Fabric:Which is buttery soft, stretchy and ultra-lightweight. It gives you a smooth and comfortable fit.
Moistrue Wicking: The fabric's quick-drying performance allow you to wick away moisture, keeping you dry and provides you all day comfort.
UPF 50+: Sun-protective fabric maximizes protection from harmful UV rays. Ideal cover-up shirt for golf and hiking.
Design: Polo shirt with 3-button placket; Tagless collar to minimize chafing and abrasion; Classic polo collar for an elegant look, allows you to switch between work and exercise at will.

For cooler days, layer your clothes- sweaters are perfectly acceptable and so are vests. Just make sure your arms have enough room to swing and enable you to have your best game without the wind eating into your skin. Slim-fitted, collared, button-down shirts, like this one are also a smart route to take with a roomy jacket or windbreaker on top.

There are some fashion “don’ts” when it comes to golf tops- the first is to avoid tops like tank tops, tube tops, t-shirts, halters, midriff bearing crops, or bathing suit tops. Golf is still quite the conservative sport with very particular apparel guidelines that you will have to follow when playing with clubs and teams.

The Guide To Golf Bottoms

The ground rules when it comes to pants are quite simple. Slacks are welcome, jeans and cargo pants are not. Shorts, skirts, skorts, etc. are all fine too. Selecting the correct material for your bottoms from among your favorite golf apparel brands ensures that you are comfortable on the course and also in tune with the environmental conditions you are playing in. For this reason, select pants or skirts made of airy cotton and light polyester or nylon blend, although we prefer a polyester blend as cotton tends to pill with any friction and doesn't offer the benefits of a performance poly-elastane or nylon-elastane blend. A fashion ‘do’ of golf is to contrast the color of your shirt with your pants, for example, a dark shirt with beige or off-white pants. You can find a great selection of fun, coordinated styles here. When the sun is out, we recommend opting for skorts, shorts, capris, and our favorite option, which has recently skyrocketed in popularity - golf dresses - to keep you cool and comfortable.

One thing to avoid is revealingly short skirts and shorts. The wind and your activity is sure to cause some uncomfortable moments on the course. To avoid the distracting act of pulling down your skirt every few minutes, a mid-thigh skort is a safe length to go with, keeping in mind that some more conservative courses require much longer. You should also avoid wearing things like yoga pants, bell bottoms, and jeans.

The Guide To Golf Footwear
The correct footwear can be the be-all, end-all of your time on the golf course, but it can very much also be an individualistic fashion statement. Plastic spikes or the newest trend, aspikelesssole, are your best bet. If you don’t have golf shoes, you can purchase some or wear sneakers and trainers with a firm grip.

The Guide To Golf Accessories

Appropriate headwear includes visors, straw hats, sun hats, and caps to prevent sunlight from distorting your vision. Be prepared to mark your ball with a cute ball marker . Show your fashionable side by getting golf gloves that coordinate with your outfits!

The best golf shirts are those that don’t restrict movement, wick sweat away from your body, dry quickly and make you feel confident.