The Complete Guide to Golf Skorts - Lengths, Varieties, and Designs

The Complete Guide to Golf Skorts - Lengths, Varieties, and Designs

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For female golfers, skirts and skorts offer the ideal combination of style and comfort. They provide a cool and comfortable option, allowing you to concentrate on mastering a new sport or enhancing your golf skills. The days of worrying about what to wear on the golf course are long gone. In this guide, we've curated a selection of women's golf skorts that harmonize both your athletic abilities and fashion sense.

Not sure where to begin? Explore our collection of stylish women's golf skorts here to ensure you're perfectly aligned with both fashion and function. When you opt for a skort, you enjoy the fashionable appearance of a golf skirt or tennis skirt while relishing the comfort of wearing shorts.

Choosing the right length, pattern, and style can seem like a daunting task when it comes to women's golf skorts. Consider the following factors when purchasing skorts:

Golf Skirt Length
The length of a golf skirt is a crucial factor that can significantly impact your game. If your skort is too short, you'll spend much of your time adjusting it, potentially compromising your play. Additionally, certain golf courses with stricter dress codes may prohibit shorter skirts. Most golf club guidelines recommend a length between 14-18 inches, falling just above the knee. According to, a general rule is that if the skort extends beyond your fingertips when standing upright, it's likely acceptable. However, some traditional courses may mandate longer skirts below the knee, so be aware of your course's dress code.
MOTEEPI 16" Golf Skort for Women Tennis Skirt.Moteepi designed according to medium length. Can matches most golf highlights

Material of Women's Golf Skorts
Don't underestimate the importance of the material you wear in golf. When selecting a skirt or skort to enhance your gameplay, opt for moisture-wicking fabrics with elasticity, typically achieved through spandex and polyester blends. Despite the perceived minimal movement in golf, you'll need flexibility for actions like bending down to pick up golf balls and swinging your club. Therefore, choose a breathable and elastic skort material.
78% polyster ensures excellent sweat-wicking and quick dry performance. 22% spandex( high-stretch fabric) allows great range of movement. Non-see-through and lightweight materials keep you cool during golf training.

Patterns & Colors of Women's Golf Skorts
If you're tired of the generic, masculine-dominated styles in typical golf apparel, injecting some personality with bold colors or printed skorts is an excellent solution. Our collection offers over 70 different styles, from classic whites like the Olivia White to vibrant prints like the Micaela skort.MOTEEPI 16" Golf Skort for Women Tennis Skirt--The same style has multiple patterns, classic solid colors, cashew flowers, leopard prints, etc. There is always one you like.

Keep it Classy with White:
Pleated skorts pay homage to classic styles, offering a touch of femininity. If you prefer, you can wear bike shorts underneath or choose pleated skirts with built-in shorts for added comfort.

Black Extravaganza:
Black athletic skorts like the Joann, falling at the perfect length of 17-18 inches, bring a touch of flair with features like accordion pleating. With stretchable material that hugs your waist, these skorts are a must-have for every golfer.

How Should Golf Skirts Fit?
The fit of your golf skort depends on factors such as body type and personal style preferences. Different cuts, shapes, patterns, and colors offer a variety of choices:

Athletic Fit:
Streamlined, sweat-wicking materials give you the appearance of a top-notch athlete, ensuring both style and comfort.

Straight Skorts:
Well-suited for all body types, these skorts provide a perfect fit around the waist, allowing for swift movement.

Hourglass Golf Gear:
For fashion-forward individuals, hourglass skorts create a powerful and feminine silhouette on the course, imitating a figure-hugging skirt.

Oval Skorts:
Featuring rounded hems, oval skorts offer a shapely look on the course and are an excellent choice for post-golf brunch.

How Long Should Golf Skorts Be?
Most club regulations recommend a length between 14-18 inches. With dress codes becoming more relaxed, shorter skorts are acceptable if permitted by your club. However, it's crucial to be aware of specific club requirements, as some may specify lengths extending past fingertips or below the knee.

Are Skorts Still in Fashion in 2023?
Absolutely! With the resurgence of late '90s and early 2000s fashion trends, golf skorts with pockets, buttons, and diverse styles are highly popular in women's golf apparel. Skorts allow you to personalize your golf wardrobe with traditionally feminine clothing while ensuring comfort and practicality on the course. They can be styled as quirky, streamlined, or even elegant, seamlessly transitioning from golf practice to a professional business meeting with the addition of a button-down shirt.